Dear Visitor:

The our foundation is progressively building structure that is coordinated initially by those persons, who are fond of the geometric and minimalist arts, and who want to be present in the civil sphere with their useful activities. Our foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization.

The »Foundation for Geometric Art« was founded by Otto Laszlo painter in 2016. As geometric artist he has for a long time past been deliberating, how, and in what framework it could attain to develop and ameliorate of the geometric/concrete/constructive art as well as with these connecting monochrome/conceptual/minimal art. For the sake of the cause, a plan of complex-foundation-form was outlined, whereby it is possible:
• to support creative work of artists
• to receive supports and grant of art-supporters, patrons.
• to make the more intellectual kind of geometric/minimalist/conceptual art more preferred and popular for wide circle of society
• to present the »KNOWLEDGE BASE« of the geometric-minimalist art
• to bring forth inspirational connections between individuals and communities
• to influence uplifting for the community's cultural-intellectual-spiritual-existential opportunity and potential
• to built a gallery with geometric/minimalist/concept art profile.

Dear Visitors can read more on our activities and our goals on »MISSION« page.



Laszlo Otto geometric-painter was born 1966 in Pecs, South Hungary. His creative career was formed rather peculiarly, it was not related specifically to schools, but the art or guidance of one-one master has shaped intensely creative activities. 

However, he have been configuring self by his inner definite imagination, slightly different from usual practice. Thus, the emergence, evolution of his geometric art has complex relations: of one hand, he is he is also exploring the geometry of Western modernity (which looks back hundred years), and the other hand he is researching the ancient-geometries of humanity as well, including most importantly the east Yantra and Mandala image-worlds (seven thousand years encompassing). This basic-preference is supplemented by monochrome, minimalist and conceptual art forms, they are influence his art too.

However, he is true European artist, who follows the  intellectual progressions, happenings of art history, who creates such geometric painting, which he connects to the concrete-constructive international art, as well as to monochrome-minimalist art. He is also open for art-theoretical orientation, that helps his creative work, and which generally covers a wide range of geometric arts and related art forms. Numerous foreign travels, exhibitions, art interconnections hallmark his work. With this power-giving-base behind him he has imagined to undertake the creation of a foundation. In the gradual-building trusting artist he is, so initially only a few persons has been connecting to the activities of the foundation, but definitely it is the goal to extension the spiritual-community.
He wants to generate fulfillment, improvement also in the circles of the art and society, that from beginning the geometric/concrete/constructive art to the monochrome/minimalist/conceptual art expansive "art space" as a catalyst would able to operate both the for individual and community life and existence uplifting way.

Dear Visitor could to be interested about painting of Laszlo Otto: